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Pristine Porcelain Pros at Penland

Co- Teaching a workshop with Kyungmin Park at Penland School for Crafts in North Carolina

Lower Clay Summer Session 5

July 22-Aug 7 2018

During this co-teaching workshop, the primary focus will be on creating human figures, flora, and fauna with porcelain. Instructors will demonstrate various technical skills and processes to help students to achieve crisp, clean line and tight surfaces while they are working with porcelain. Students will explore different facial expressions and gestures in figurative sculptures and how each creature create different conceptual ideas and symbology in their own work. There will be a group and personal critiques at the end of the workshop. All levels.

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Creatively Coming Together


So you’re are done with school, what’s next!? What are the challenges? Do you go to a residency? Do you go to graduate school? How do you make money and still maintain a studio practice? This panel is designed to help you understand all the possibilities after school and how to keep pushing to develop your art. In this panel Kevin will present his journey in clay and life as an educator, Travis will discuss the path to his current position as Programs Manager at Touchstone Center for Crafts, and Taylor will describe her practice of navigating the ins and outs of galleries, workshops, and staying connected. Although the three of us have traveled vastly different paths, we were brought together through a desire to build a community of like-minded individuals.  We want to share the importance of developing a network outside of your personal practice and why we came together to start the Ceramic Sculpture Culture Collective.

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to Feb 11


City of Tampa Golding Art Student

522 N. Howard Ave

Contact Trish at 813-259-1687

hands on workshop for $150 for the workshop and $11.24 for 25lbs of clay

Sculpting in porcelain is not easy, especially when you work on delicate features such as figures and flowers. Join ceramic sculptor, Taylor Robenalt, for a two day workshop that will help you manipulate this fickle medium. All skill levels are invited to spend time learning how to create sculptures using solid, coil and slab construction.  We will learn how to make a bust with a personal narrative and learn how to refine your porcelain surfaces using simple tools. The finishing process of using under glazes and CONE 6 glazes and lusters will also be taught. Students will explore ideas to create and discover personal metaphors in their work. In doing so, they can discover the meaning, content and power behind their art. An informal critique for each student will be held on the last day.



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to May 26

Pristine Porcelain Pros, Odyssey Clayworks, Asheville, NC

I am co- teaching a workshop with Kyungmin Park at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville Nc. Come learn some of our amazing skills in hand building with porcelain. Please contact Odyssey to sign up for the class. 

5-Day Workshop With Kyungmin Park & Taylor Robenalt

Get ready to sculpt with porcelain professionally! All skill levels are invited to make porcelain sculpture with ceramic artists Kyungmin Park and Taylor Robenalt in this weeklong workshop. Kyungmin's primary focus will be on the human figure while Taylor will demonstrate the intricacies of constructing flora and fauna. Each artist brings a unique set of technical skills and finishing processes to the workshop. Get rid of those uneven surfaces and learn how to handle other technical problems in your porcelain work. You will achieve crisp lines and clean, tight surfaces with simple tools. You will also explore conceptual ideas and talk about the importance of facial expression and symbology in your work. Kyungmin and Taylor will personally meet with each student regarding their work and help them explore their ideas. There will be an informal critique at the end of the workshop. Come spend a unique and exciting week with the Porcelain Pros.

Date: May 22-29, Monday- Friday

Time: 9:30am- 4:30pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Tuition: $610 + $75 Lab Fee


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